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Say thank-you!


I am one of the targets of this suggestion!

In our busy working lives, it is so easy to focus on what is going wrong, what is preventing us from doing what we need to do, going where we need to be. In other words, those things that frustrate and irritate us most.

Why is it when things go wrong, we are quick to complain, attack and ascribe blame?  This can manifest itself in many forms ranging from direct confrontation, muttering in corners and even road rage! (I’m not so guilty of that; when other drivers upset me, I draw breath and imagine they are on their desperate way to their mother’s funeral!)

Why then are we so slow to praise? – or to do so openly.   Have you ever thought or said something like this: “I did mean to thank her, but I didn’t have time.”  or, “Oh, I should have thanked him for doing that.”  Often the thank-you is in my head, or the praise is there, but the person concerned is spoken of and not to.

I say ‘thank-you’ all day long for the little things, like someone holding open a door and I do get ‘door rage’ when I hold open the door for someone else and they don’t say ‘thank-you’.  The mother’s funeral scenario just doesn’t seem to work in this instance – I just thing everyone should know better; this should be a basic instinct!  Hey, we all have our rage triggers and this one is mine!

I know that when someone thanks me, something bright, warm and ‘fuzzy’ happens inside my mind, thus my not so New Year’s resolution is to remember to thank people for all those things that they do, especially when they don’t have to do them!

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