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Okay, here goes…

I know many adults, especially the younger ones I work with and meet, object to being classed as digital immigrants along with the rest of us antediluvian adults.  I, however, AM a digital immigrant who has somehow found myself to be Head of ICT and Director of eLearning!

How? you may ask, but let’s leave that for another post; this is my first one, remember and you’ve got to give me the chance to work it all out.

Having decided that it was inexcusable for someone in my position NOT to have a blog, or to at least have explored ‘that’ world, I have finally taken the plunge.  The pen in the header represents where I have come from – educated at a time when the odd BBC model was beginning to creep into the corner of the occasional classroom, but no-one knew how to use it, followed by many years as an English teacher.  The fact that I don’t feel quite comfortable with the biro, either in practice, or on my header, suggests I am not quite the fraud I sometimes feel! 

Whilst waiting to embark upon my life of blogging, I couldn’t quite decide on a focus: the idea that it should perhaps be worthy and academic has held me back –  there are so many better equipped people out there doing just that.  So, going back to my ‘ immigrant of another age status’, I’ve decided to write for myself – diary style!  And, I’m already enjoying it. The ideas are starting to flow! 

As well as the odd blog, I intend to use this ‘place’ as a repository of everything I find useful – I do know quite a lot about eLearning and indeed about ICT. (Okay, not so hot on the technical side, so just as well we have good support in my place of work! Hereafter referred to as MPoW.)

The hot topics of conversation at MPoW these days are eSafety, the use of mobile devices in the classroom, The Cloud, including the use of Google docs.  So expect lots of references to these in future posts and I hope to have begun to stalk anyone out there who is exploring the same areas!

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